About European Elections 2019 lesson series

“European Elections 2019” lesson series is broken down into 5 steps. Each step is made up of:

  • a choice from 5 to 10 teaching activities
  • a Web bibliography, containing different ideas and terms from the step.


Ready to use and adaptable for your needs

The different learning activities that you will find within this lesson series are varied in style and in level. Some examples of what participants will be involved in include: getting into the shoes of a real voter, making their own opinion poll, trying out different voting systems, tracking information online as a digital Sherlock Holmes, taking part in the debate about EU Enlargement, expressing their opinions about Europe using photos.

You are free to use the lessons that will best suit the size of your group, the time you have available, your goals and what you want to focus on. An e-book generator (currently in French only) is available to help you mix and match lessons. In the same way, all the guides and timings provided for lessons are indicative only – you are entirely free to mix and match and change the lesson to suite your group.

PLEASE NOTE: The simulated elections, organised in step 4, lesson 4, must be planned in advance. Partly because preparing for it requires some logistical planning, but also because you need to ensure that the date chosen is the correct one, as this will affect the rest of your lessons.


Working collaboratively


This website is a resource space for experimenting, but also a work space for the teaching community which will grow around this project. Teachers and staff are welcome to:

  • Share their experience of the lesson plans provided
  • Propose new ones

On the ground

This project hopes, right from the start, to combine the different expertise of teaching staff from a school environment and also the non-profit sector. Although not obliged, we recommend that schools and local organisations collaborate in implementing this lesson series and the activities within.